Leasing and Sales


King Plow currently has 3 studios available. Please contact our Leasing Coordinator, Will Hurt, for information about King Plow studios available for lease. 404.885.9933



N105 Available

N105 Available












Studio N-105
Available June 01, 2019
$2,876 a month
1,438 sq. ft. studio at $24 sq. ft.



T105 Available

T105 Available










Studio T-105
Available June 01, 2019
$5,135 a month
2,679 sq. ft. studio at $23 sq. ft.



Studio X104 Available

Studio X104 Available












Studio X-104
Available August 15, 2019
$4,717 a month
2,461 sq. ft. studio at $23 sq. ft.


There are a few condominium studios for sale and/or lease. However, King Plow Arts Center LLC is not directly involved with the leasing or sale of any units owned by other condominium owners.

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